Industrial sites cybersecurity : benchmark on 40 assessments

Over 40 assessments of industrial sites

Over the past two years, Wavestone’s auditors have conducted more than 40 cybersecurity assessments of industrial sites in various sectors (pharmaceutical, food processing, energy, etc.).

These assessments have enabled us to benchmark the level of cybersecurity of these sites on a selection of themes.

Our assessment methodology

Wavestone has developed an industrial site assessment framework, adaptable to the specificities of the sector or the client, allowing a global assessment of the cybersecurity level of a site or a production line.

Focus on 5 key themes

This benchmark of the level of cybersecurity of industrial sites is based on a selection of themes: governancenetwork segmentation, remote accesssystem administration and resilience. For each of these categories, we share successes, failures and recommendations, concluding with our key actions to get a good start on a site security program.

If you want to know more, you can find the detailed study.

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