Author: Gérôme Billois

Gérôme Billois is a Partner at Wavestone in the Cybersecurity and Digital Trust practice. He graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon. He has deep expertise in risk management and cybersecurity, developed over more than 15 years of experience. Gérôme is a board member of CLUSIF, a member of the ISO JTC1/SC27 committee, responsible for information security standardisation, and a founding member of Club27001, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the ISO 27001 standard. He holds CISA, CISSP and ISO 27001 PA certifications. Gérôme co-authored several books on cybersecurity (Eyrolles, Cepadues, Wiley & Sons, Larcier), is a regular media and conference speaker (Assises de la Sécurité, ISACA, CLUSIF, CNIS, etc.), and gives university lectures.

Attaques ciblées : la menace se précise, même en France

Une actualité intense Les attaques ciblées, historiquement peu nombreuses et très discrètes, défraient maintenant l’actualité. L’attaque de Bercy en est la dernière itération mais de nombreux autres évènements ont marqué l’actualité ces derniers mois : Dragon Night, Aurora… Autant de cas,…

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