How to design the awareness of the future?

After many twists and turns in the year 2020, one thing is certain: the future does not wait.

Today, the major challenge of cybersecurity lies essentially in the training of employees. Human error is involved in more than 90% of security incidents (clicking on a phishing link, visiting a suspicious website, activating viruses or other advanced persistent threats).

There is an urgent need to find effective ways to train every employee. To this end, digital remains the ideal format to quickly reach the maximum number of people within companies.

So what tools can be put in place to involve different audiences in this period when the digital transformation is shaking up codes?


The relationship to distance

Until today, it was usual to raise awareness through physical interventions. But given the health situation, it is becoming very complicated to organise face-to-face sessions.

Awareness-raising actions and games using cards or boards are difficult to virtualise. On the other hand, Escape Games are rather simple to develop in digital format. Tools such as Genially or Bfast speed up the creation of online games thanks to their ease of use. In just a few dozen days, it becomes possible to create a game tailored to the needs of awareness.

The advantage of the digital format lies in the simplicity of adapting/changing/updating the tools. Thus, the tools developed in digital format will always be on the agenda and even specially adapted for a particular occasion.


Adapting the tools to the public

The key to appealing to everyone is to adapt to everyone.

It is not possible to create 1 single tool that will suit all the populations targeted by your awareness campaign. The goal is to have several different tools or to be able to easily adapt the tool to each new target population.

If we take the example of the Escape Game, the digital format makes it possible to create several games at different levels. By keeping the same scenario, it is possible to modify the number of riddles, add clues or even extend the game time to adapt it to the level of knowledge of the players. All in just a few clicks.


The digital format: raising awareness at lower cost

Budgets allocated to cyber security and employee awareness are often too small in relation to the needs of companies. Nevertheless, there are ways to raise employee awareness at low cost.

The digital transformation is also taking place in education. Numerous websites and online platforms make it possible to create fun presentations and games quickly. Genially, an interactive content creation platform, is a good way to create this kind of tool. It is very easy to use and does not require any special know-how.

Today, the creation of an online escape game can be done in 30 days by a single developer. These 30 days include the reflection phase around the scenario, the development of the game as well as the test phases.

Last but not least, a last but not least advantage is the efficiency of the digital game. Thanks to the digital version of the escape game, there is no need for a facilitator and a time slot for each session. Access to the game is via a link, available at all times. Thus, training 1 or 1000 employees costs the same.


Raising awareness of the future is essentially based on the digital approach. With rapid development, low cost, adaptable to all levels and remotely feasible, the digital Escape Game will soon be the new flagship tool for awareness campaigns.


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