Author: Chadi Hantouche

Chadi Hantouche is a Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Senior Manager at Wavestone. For more than a decade, he has helped companies assessing their risk and maturity level, and defining associated solutions. He has a focus on security to support innovative technologies (Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Mobility) as well as prevention and reaction against cyberattacks. Chadi is a CISSP, ISO 27001 LI and ITIL certified professional. He is a regular speaker on French and international TV channels, newspapers and conferences, and lecturer in several computer science universities.

BYOD : 6 idées clés et un impératif pour aborder le Bring your own device

Porté par la vague de l'adoption de nouveaux terminaux mobiles par le grand public, le Bring your own device  (BYOD) suscite une envie croissante chez des utilisateurs qui ne comprennent parfois pas "l'archaïsme" apparent du système d'information fourni par leur…

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