Today, nearly half of mankind is under a lockdown during an unprecedented health crisis. It is a situation that has not been seen for decades. It is also a different situation for everyone, depending on their geographical location, the composition of their homes, the very nature of their work and their interactions with their colleagues.

At a time when businesses need to be more resilient than ever, the overall increase in teleworking is becoming a major challenge for security teams! The massive opening of remote connections and the increased exposure of applications to the outside world are creating opportunities for cybercriminals. In this climate of urgency and stress, social engineering is also facilitated. In addition to these factors, there are the difficulties and hassles of everyday life, which hamper the responsiveness of the teams responsible for supervising the systems and responding to incidents.

Thus, we were particularly keen to share the awareness campaign that we have created in this context. Find below, our saga “Martine is teleworking during COVID-19”!










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